1.  Do you accept trade-ins?

We gladly accept trade-ins, e-mail or call for a quote!

2.  Do you buy equipment outright?

Yes, we are always buying, please e-mail or call for a quote!

3.  What else do you accept in trade?

Any items of value will be considered!  Please e-mail or call with a proposal!

4.  What carriers do you use for shipping?

We will ship your guitar or amp with the carrier of your choice (UPS, FedEx, Etc), you pay only exact shipping and insurance rates, NO overcharging for shipping here!!!

5.  Do you ship overseas?

 Yes, we will ship just about everywhere our carriers ship to!

6.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept most major credit cards!!

7.        Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we have a 48 hour approval on all guitars (amps are guaranteed to work as described, but no approval on amps). You must pay shipping costs both ways and any transaction costs that may be incurred.